PhotoDazzle: Beautifier

Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2014-03-05 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Vogelbusch & Co | App Owner: birdy27

PhotoDazzle: Beautifier is an easy and fun way to look the best in your pictures.
Don't let a bad picture, stain a perfect moment.

* special introduction price *

With PhotoDazzle: Beautifier you can ...
... get the perfect picture for your Resume. Look your best, look super health with impressive eyes, perfect teeth, hair and skin.
... save unique moments. Never again hide a picture because you did not look your best
... try out new looks. Quickly try out dozens of lipsticks, eye shadows, rouge colors, hair colors, find your own look

PhotoDazzle: Beautifier is so easy and fun to use as it focuses only on one topic: YOU. It instantly presents you with all of it's possibilities, in clear words, with example pictures and all you have to do is apply them to your pictures.

PhotoEditing without any knowledge can be this easy.

PhotoDazzle Beautifier includes:
- wrinkle removal
- tanning
- colorizing hair
- colorizing iris
- soft skin look
- lipstick
- eye shadow
and many more ...

Special features are:
- single step workflow (no complicated multiple steps)
- realtime editing instantly see the result
- colors can be replaced at any time, so you can try out any variant you can imaging
- each effect puts it power in your hand with one single intensity
- Loupe for detail editing
- automatic layer separation, so all effect can be change at any time
- 3D layer selection, to easily find previous changes (to edit them at any time)
- and of course all the technology Apple provides us with, 64bit, CoreImage, Lion-FullScreen ...

Give it a try and discover the future of photo editing, today.


We are glad to hear that PhotoDazzle: Beautifier is working so well for you all, still we want to make the program even more rock solid.
So please if anyone out there encounter any trouble at all, use our support forum, to let us know about bugs or troubles.

Thank you!

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