Photo Desktop

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2007-04-25 || License: Freeware App Owner: joel

Want to put a picture of that special someone on your desktop, but don't want to scare of the rest of the department? Photo Desktop allows you to put as many photos on your desktop how and where you want.

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one of my favorite apps.
it's fun, yet simple.

nope i lie, in path finder;
right-click desktop > show view options
click set background
uncheck show background

doesnt seem to work path finder

Version 1 (1.5.2) is freeware, maybe this could be clarified in the listing.

Haven't tried v2, but v1 already has most of the features I'd use. It's easy to set up the frames, and one-click visibility toggling from the menu bar is also nice too.

"The Photo Desktop 2 - Single User License is available for € 9,99."

What is it with people listing shareware applications as freeware on iusethis?

The system requirements for version 2.0 are ridiculous. I guess I'll still be using version 1.x.

Yeah, that's pretty slick. The font-face in the SS is really tacky, though.

I have always thought that having photos of ones girlfriend and family was really tacky before this app! this is tasteful, and fairly customizable 2!

This is a very nice application that does one thing but does it really well, stays out of the way and at least for me has never caused any problems. It just works.