Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Shareware ($ 15) Developer: omz:software | App Owner: omz

PhotoNotes is an easy way to attach labels to your favorite photos. You can mark friends and family, buildings and whatever you like.

It is tightly integrated with the Mac OS X Address Book, so it is easy to pick a name for a label. Labels are smart: When you have birthdays in your Address Book, PhotoNotes automatically displays the age of the person on that photo, using the camera date. A great way to watch your children grow.

Finding photos of friends is easy with PhotoNotes' extensive Spotlight support. Your albums are automatically indexed and when you search for a person from Spotlight, PhotoNotes jumps exactly to the person you looked for and highlights him or her in the thumbnail preview.

You can also export your labelled photos as an interactive HTML page (see website for an example)

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