PHP Function Reference

Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2009-05-25 || License: Freeware Developer: Andrew Hedges | App Owner: segdeha

PHP Function Reference is the ultimate reference widget for PHP developers. Major features include the following:

  • Fast lookup of any PHP function (no network connection required)
  • Extensive cheat sheet including regular expressions, $_SERVER variables, fopen() modes, and more
  • Interactive date() formatter – enter a date format string and preview the result
  • Favorites list – save functions to your favorites for quick retrieval
  • Multiple language support – PHPfr ships with the English version of the PHP documentation installed and simple instructions for installing other versions

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2 Opinions

I'm glad to have this tool in my dashbaord.
Maybe Version 1.0 starts up a bit slower than the previous ones?

Impressive... and I sort of like this type of program as a widget. Worth a try for any PHP programmer :)