Version: 2.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-02-19 || License: Shareware (USD$18) Developer: The Iconfactory | App Owner: chrislong

iPhoto for your icon collection, import and export in many differnt formats. Easily change any icon in the finder with drag and drop. Works together with CandyBar to change your system icons.

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Pixadex has been merged with CandyBar :

awesome buts seriously needs support for 512×512

I'm an iconoholic, desperately driven to customizing anything in sight (or not in sight). Plain folders really bug me, and a lot of SW developers have poor aesthetics (sorry folks, but...). So, I have massive amounts of icons I pick-n-choose from. Pixadex makes it really easy to find the "just-right" ones for my gratification. I don't do "unified" so it's important I have a wide range to select from, and this app orders them for me. I especially like the icontainer concept, which allows me to install sets into Pixadex in a ready-made group I can quickly identify. I do agree, however, that Candybar is rather redundant and needs to be merged, so forgo it. As to its price, I don't think it's all that high compared to a lot of SW out there that runs up over $30.00 and competes with free stuff that's just as good - or better, the point being, I searched for a freebie to do what Pixadex does and couldn't find any, so I think it's a good value in the long run.

I totally agree with mumblingmynah. It should be merged into one app with CandyBar.

Nice app, and does what it says with no problems, but too expensive. This should just be merged with candybar.

Totally reliable, incredibly poserful.

I've personally found this to be especially useful for managing my expansive collection of stock icons. Seriously, web development gets that much easier when you don't have to waste time looking for the right-looking printer icon.

If you love icons, and you are anal about their organization, this is the app to get. Great interface, great functionality ... just plain good stuff.