Pixel Image Editor

Version: 1.0 Beta7 build 699 || Release Date: 2007-08-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($38) Developer: Pavel Kanzelsberger | App Owner: pavel

Pixel is a RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching, graphics manipulating and animation program available for many operating systems formerly known as Pixel32. It is available for Windows, Linux, Linspire, MacOSX, BeOS, Zeta, QNX, MorphOS, FreeBSD, eComStation, OS/2, SkyOS and even old plain DOS, for both x86 and PowerPC architectures.

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In the news section of the developers site... Good news for Mac users.

Screen shots for Beta 8 look promising... http://www.kanzelsberger.com/temp/leo2.png


Krita is an image manipulation and painting application by the KDE project (thus free software). It’s a cool, but not prominent part of KOffice. It currently only runs on Mac OS X though X11, but Krita 2.0 is expected to be released in early 2008 as native Mac application.
More about Krika can be found at http://cyrilleberger.blogspot.com/

Not sure why my last comment got a negative, even if someone doesn't like it it's still a fair comment. kamikazow - I wouldn't mind knowing more about Krita on a mac, any chance of a link :)

Just a warning to everybody who thinks about buying this app:
It's not that Pixel is bad. The development is just incredibly slow. Pixel is "1.0 Beta" since years. Eg http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=4 lists 2005-09-23 as release date for Beta 5. Beta 6 was released on 2006-04-09.

Pixel32 (the previous name of Pixel) had the 0.99 release when I was still a teenager and now I'm in the mid-twenties! (Really! No kidding!)

If you buy Pixel, you get a very minor update roughly once a year with no guarantee that your platform will be supported any longer (the last MacPPC build is Beta 6; Beta 7 is Intel-only).

Consider Photoshop Elements, GIMP (X11), or the upcoming Krita 2.0 instead.

Strange comment. This is a mac app. It just doesn't behave like one. For some this isn't too much of an issue. Blender (http://osx.iusethis.com/app/blender) doesn't either and that is a fine app.

This may work on a Mac, but it's not a Mac application. It has a Windows interface--the menus are inside the application rather than integrated into the main menu bar, opening a file presents an ugly file tree, not the typical finder-like search. It's similar to Photoshop but the interface is less user-friendly, and the selection tools don't work very well.

This isn't what you are looking for. This is like Photoshop and ImageReady rolled into one (only buggier). Great value though if you can't afford Photoshop and for whatever reason don't want to use Gimp.

Just a correction to my last comment (as I can't edit that post). There's a typo. It should say; "...how much of a pixel editor is this, ..."


I'm curious to know, how much of a is this, as compared to Pixen, which is a pure pixel editor, and only that (meaning, it doesn't have much in common with Photoshop and those guys, except for layers functionality).

I'm looking for a decent application to create pixel art (as in more or less minimalistic graphics). But the last time I tried downloading and install Pixel Image Editor, I gave up since the DarwinPorts installation seemed too complicated, or rather, it didn't work at all for me.

Happy for any advice, preferably from a pixel artist's point of view.