Version: 1.1 R90 || Release Date: 2009-10-16 || License: Freeware Developer: Jam Zhang | App Owner: pax

Screen overlay Pixel Ruler

Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control.
Preview your design with skins and presets.
Multi-screen support.

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1 Opinion

Fantastic free alternative to the flashier errr... non-Flash alternatives like Xscope. Especially for those of us who aren't full time designers but need an on-screen ruler from time to time.

It also has an especially pretty and intuitive interface for an AIR app, and quite a few extras like skins and device screensize pre-sets that even the more expensive alternatives don't offer.

Speaking of pretty, I know it's cool to hate on Flash: it introduces performance and accessibility issues, etc., but this developer's site design is fantastic.