Version: || Release Date: 2008-11-19 || License: Freeware Developer: | App Owner: dotdean

Plainview is a full-screen web browser.

Plainview has a presentation mode – so you can build a presentation of, say, 10 sites you’ve built, and then show them one by one. Skip to the next site by hitting a hot key. We use this a lot for our Dog and Pony shows. We fire up one site we’ve done. Browse around. Show it. Time to move on? Skip to the next site, without opening up a location bar. Seamless, beautiful presentations.
You can also save presentations, add bookmarks, import your bookmarks, exit full-screen mode, open multiple windows, and view Quicktime movies. And check out the slick way we manage popups!

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3 Opinions

AppFresh misreports the version number for this.

It's taken over from NagaraBrowser in my book.
For intensive reading and concentrating on a subject it's excellent, also I would like to use it for a presentation sometime - I did once using Opera - but this offers a little more sophistication in that department.

Oddly enough, I quite like this browser - it's a great app in the general camp of "focs/anti-distraction apps" - it focuses your mind squarely on whatever web task you're doing. Downloads and other tasks are handled well, though it's bookmark importing scheme is a bit clunky - I was expecting a hierarchical display of my bookmarks from Safari, and just got a whole list of links instead. Overall, highly recommended.