Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2010-01-25 || License: Freeware Developer: Matt Sephton | App Owner: matt

Lossless PNG optimiser for Mac OS X with simple drag-and-drop operation

PNGenie optimises any given PNG file—trying out different methods of compression—with a goal of achieving the smallest file size.

Smaller files are good for a number of number practical reasons as well as, obviously, saving disk space. Let's say you want to reduce the size of data files belonging to an iPhone application, or you want to speed up loading of a website that uses PNG images, for example.

Resource forks, gamma values and software-specific tags are automatically stripped, too.

You can select files through the standard file selection dialog, or by drag and drop onto the app.

Note: Runs fast and native on Intel Macs and produces smaller and more optimised PNG files than, for example, PNGCrusher.

Intel only

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doesn't search folders recursively, converts gif's to png as well

Doesn't work on my system (OS X 10.6.2).

Incredibly useful little app!

Doesn't work. Running snow leopard.

I've added the file selector when the app is run by double click.

It seems the iusethis feed for AppFresh is a little delayed. I have just tried and it took me two runs of AppFresh to get PNGenie 1.10. If in doubt, download new version directly from the website.

Ok !
I've updated to last version but AppFresh still list PNGenie as having an Update Available.
Futhermore Finder info still indicate Version 1.0

Try putting an icon in your dock and dragging to that? I will look into adding a file selector.


Maybe by it could be a real user improvement to add a windows to drag and drop image in to achieve optimization. Like AppZapp or Img2icns

The latest version, 1.01, has an alert if you launch it without drag-and-drop.

I've just fixed an issue with 32-bit Intel, but just to clarify you drag and drop files on the app and it does it's thing. Launching it with a double click will have no effect as there are no files to process. Maybe I should add an alert in that instance?

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