Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2007-08-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Ryan Schenk | App Owner: compotatoj

PNGpong is a dashboard widget that strips the color "correction" information out of the file using pngcrush to fix potential gamma problems. PNGpong then attempts to further compress the PNG file by running it through optipng. Simply drop one or more PNG files onto PNGpong and it'll take care of the rest. (Select PNGs, start to drag, hit F12 and drop the PNGs on the PNGpong widget.)

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PNGenie is a new tool that allows even better optimisation and is Intel native. This compresses even better than other tools like PNGpong and PNGCrusher

I was having trouble making my PNG files appear the same way in all browsers. I adjusted the color to work in Safari, then went back to Firefox and it didn't look nice. This application is awesome!

EDIT: for some reason, it wouldn't download from here or the authors site, but macupdate has the download available instead.

Great little widget that does both crushing and gamma stripping in one. I also would prefer a standalone app, but this ones still work fine (if you want to, you can always quit dashboard and thus free up memory by using the "stop dashboard" widget).

PNGpong works very well and does exactly what it needs to. I wish it could just be a droplet instead of a widget. It is a waste having it cached in memory all of the time once dashboard is loaded.

This this is really good, I am working on an update to my site and using .png format for my buttons, they were sitting on the 12kb line, with this they've moved to 8kb.