Version: 1.2.11 || Release Date: 2009-12-01 || License: Shareware ($10) App Owner: indygwyn

music metadata correction tool

Never worry about organizing your music library again
✹ Completely automatic and easy to use
✹ Tags name, artist, album, album art, genre, year, and lyrics
✹ Analyzes the track's unique fingerprint, so it can never be wrong
✹ No existing track information necessary
✹ Automatically corrects each track's information as it is added to iTunes

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7 Opinions

Very nice for fixing lyrics and backfilling year and genre. You may want to use CoverScout for better Cover quality, but this one has it all in one tool.
The price is for a year's subscription, but how often do you need to touch you entire collection?
Definitely worth the money - huge time saver

Unbelievable value at $10 a year! I've been looking ALL OVER (as have many others) for an integrated solution of tags and art for itunes. This is the answer. I fixed about 5 songs and purchased.

There were some songs that Pollux couldn't handle, but each time I ran it, it would get a couple more songs. So I suggest you run it once, then run it again on the ones that don't got through the first time, repeat. I have to guess this is because it takes a sample from a different piece of the song each time a song is examined.

It's back online, and $10, but well worth it if you ask me.
Yeah , works pretty well, use Pollux then get anything it missed with TuneUp (first 100 songs free then $20).

from polluxapp.com:

"Over the last couple of days, Pollux has gotten an unanticipated high volume of traffic and downloads. We’re very happy for the huge interest and success our app has received, but for the very same reason, the third-party services Pollux uses such as MusicDNS and Lyricwiki are no longer able to support Pollux for free. Thus, our current version (1.1.9) is broken.

"As we are just two college students not looking for any profit, we are unable to pay for the services Pollux depends on even with the very generous donations we have received. We’re looking to resolve this issue and continue to bring you Pollux at the lowest cost we can manage. We apologize for Pollux not working until we can sort out this matter, and we thank you for your interest and patience.

Chetan and Shashwat"

I keep getting a connection error. Thoughts?

This app has fixed so much for me that I was too lazy to fix manually. It's very good at what it does.