PopSearch for Safari

Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2011-02-23 || License: Freeware Developer: Canisbos Computing | App Owner: canisbos

Extension to add search engines to Safari.

PopSearch is a Safari extension that lets you easily search using any search engine without leaving the page you're on. To open the PopSearch popup, type Command+K or another hotkey of your choosing. Enter your search terms, select a search engine, and press Enter. PopSearch takes you straight to the results.


- It's easy to add other search engines to the built-in ones. You just need to enter a search URL--or let the Engine Wizard figure it out from a search results page.

- You can use short keywords to select the search engine instead of using the drop-down menu, if you prefer.

- PopSearch remembers your recent search queries and shows you a drop-down list of ones that match what you type in the input box. If you're repeating a recent search, just select an item in the menu and press Enter.

- If you select some text on the current page before pressing the hotkey, that text will be automatically entered into PopSearch.

- You can export (back up) your search engines to the Pinboard bookmarking service, and import (restore) them from Pinboard to PopSearch on the same computer or another one.

- PopSearch comes with three visual styles, and you can create your own with a little knowledge of CSS.

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