Port Map

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2008-11-28 || License: Other Open Source Developer: TheCodingMonkeys | App Owner: hanzomon

Some times you want to access your computers at home from anywhere in the world. Be it the web server on your home server, the file sharing on your desktop machine or a remote login to your parent's computer to support them doing their work.

This is where the application "Port Map" might come handy. Originally written as a proof of concept for our framework, it's a fully featured all-purpose port mapper supporting all major routers, with presets and URL templates.

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3 Opinions


wow! this program is so simple and it does exactly what i need it to do!

Would recommend to anyone! (who needed a port forwarding program)

Should be in the toolbox of every mac user who uses any internet apps.

Probably the most useful app I have found in a long time.