Version: 3.2.12 || Release Date: 2016-07-26 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: Zykloid Software | App Owner: zykloid

Collage your World

Posterino 3 offers enhanced customization and flexibility including a variety of new stylish templates featuring grids of identical or odd sized image boxes. You can customize the size and shape of these boxes at any time. And with a single click, the application will automatically fill those boxes with random images drawn from the photos you uploaded. If you prefer to manually select images, you can simply drag and drop images into the template.

Sharing your photos is quick and simple as well. You can directly upload your completed collages to your Flickr account from inside the app and export photos to iPhoto and your email. Posterino 3 also lets you create and send custom e-cards with your very own stamps and postmarks.

Posterino 3 lets you:

  • Easily customize the layout of your images: grid, irregular, random
  • Easily change the number of images in a document
  • Alter the frame you use for your images
  • Tailor the image filter (black & white, sepia, sharpening etc.) to your needs
  • Enjoy new themed templates
  • Integrate Posterino 3 with the latest versions of iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom
  • Export to disk, as an e-mail, to iPhoto, to Flickr and as your desktop background
  • More easily customize your printing
  • Gain more fine grained control of your document with a new inspector
  • View your document in full-screen mode

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13 Opinions

Very nice, easy to use and fun application. The thing that sets this one apart is that the developer is very responsive and listens to the users... not always a trait found with other developers. Nice job - keep up the great work!

I recommend this software to anyone I know with a digital camera and I have many Posterino created prints and posters around my house and given as gifts. Love the new layouts and layout mode in version 2.0. Allows for easy paper size customization and photo layout on anything from poster size (20×30 & up) down to postcard sizes. Developer is responsive to bug reports and feature requests as well.

Excellent and very intuitive Poster app. You can very quickly create great quality posters. I was able to import the final posters back into iPhoto, and then use iPhoto's built-in print ordering to get full sized posters - they turned out great.

Love this app! Use it to make large posters for display in classroom and to make small collages for use in scrapbooking. Very versatile.

Very nice app. Even for pro. Photographer !! Enables to cut creation time for creative posters... plus nice features when on the move with postcards for friends, family but also clients... You can fund good business on this very well implemented app. Highly Recommended... not only for geeks but also for Pros.

I have a lot of fun with it, but am I missing something? It doesn't appear to print directly to one of my own printers unless I export it through iPhoto, which frequently blurs the text. Would like it to be easier to annotate the photos, maybe change the shapes of the photos as well, not just the grid size. I used it for my Christmas letter this year and look forward to doing so in the future.

Wonderfully easy way to create posters and postcards. Highly recommended.

Posterino is so nice and easy to use and I'm very pleased with the results. A short while ago I did a XXL poster with it. A present for my wife's birthday. She was absolutely delighted.

Highly recommended.

Truly an excellent piece of software. The developer is incredibly responsive, responding to a bug report the same day and after a brief discourse, produced a beta update that resolved the problem the next morning.

The current version of the software is fast, easy, has added significant features that make it easier and more enjoyable to use and creates output files very quickly. It is a great tool which I use to convey large amounts of visual information quickly and easily to a very high standard of quality and consistency.

I look forward to future iterations. Thank you for a great product which paid for itself the first time I used it.

Great application. Easy to use and provides excellent results. Lots moe to it than just a straight "Life Poster" application

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