Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2009-08-27 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Precipitate project | App Owner: factoryjoe

Search for, launch your cloud data from Spotlight or Google Desktop.

Precipitate lets you search for and launch your cloud data from within Spotlight or Google Desktop for Mac. It currently supports the following services:

  • Google Bookmarks
  • Google Docs

Precipitate works by creating files on your machine that are imported by Spotlight, then periodically checking in with the server and updating the local files to reflect any changes. Note that changes may take up to an hour to be visible in local searches.

Installation and Setup - Open the Precipitate preference pane, and install it either for yourself or for all users. Enter your Google account information into the preference pane, check the box for each service you want to make searchable, then press "Refresh Now" to start the initial import (note that this may take some time, depending on how much data you have). Then just start searching!

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4 Opinions

amazing app. gives you all your google docs (and bookmarks if you use that) in your spotlight pane on mac osx leopard.

Very cool stuff. Needs 10.5 I guess.

I don't see any google docs or bookmarks in the spotlight search results. (v1.0.2, Mac OS 10.4.11)

Release Notes
New in 1.0.2

* Bookmarks beyond the latest 25 are now searchable.
* Google Docs content is downloaded securely.
* Login changes are applied immediately when a refresh is triggered manually.

New in 1.0.1

* Having PDFs in Google Docs will no longer prevent the initial cache update from completing.