Presentation Timer

Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2013-06-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($12.99) Developer: Jens Lampe | App Owner: jclampe

Presentation Timer is a small but nevertheless very useful tool, to show a speaker the remaining time for his speech.
You can setup easily up to 8 presets with the speakers name and the duration of the speech. Additionally you can setup the remaining time, when the screen will automatically turn orange or red.

Three display modes are available. One shows simply the current time (digital or analog clock), one shows the remaining time for the speech and one is just black.

A very useful function is the "messenger" - on every point of time, you can show the speaker a custom message on the screen - may it be a technical advise or whatever you like.
With the "flash" button you can easily attract the speakers attention.

While atuomatically taking care of the aspect ratio you can toggle fullscreen mode when an external screen is connected.

During the next weeks, a free "display only" version for iOS and OSX will follow - with these you can use your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or another Mac in the same WiFi network as an additional display.

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