Version: 0.9 || Release Date: 2006-07-21 || License: GPL Developer: Will Stokes | App Owner: wstokes

Simple OpenGL based slideshow viewer.

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2 Opinions

The best transitions I've ever seen in a slide show. Very slick. Needs a random mode though.

Would make an incredible screen saver. To facilitate that all it needs is to boot straight into slideshow mode when it is booted with the /s parameter (c:\windows\system32\presenter.scr /s). I wish the developer would make that simple change. I suggested it to him in the past. He sounded like he wanted to make it work on Mac first. Not sure why ... it's an easy change:
if 1%=="/s" then begin Slideshow.

Look like the simple slideshow application i've ever searched for, but it seems to crash quite often for now. I'll closely follow development of this promising app!