Version: 4.2 || Release Date: 2007-11-14 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: ryoohki300

Works with

AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork files
BMP – Windows Bitmap files
DNG – Digital Negative files
EPS – Encapsulated PostScript files
FAX – faxes
FPX – FlashPix files
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format files
HDR – High Dynamic Range Image files
ICNS – Apple Icon Image files
ICO – Windows icon files
JPEG 2000 – JPEG 2000 files
JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group files
OpenEXR – OpenEXR files
PS – Adobe PostScript files (after an automatic conversion to PDF)
PSD – Adobe Photoshop files
PICT – QuickDraw image files
PDF – Portable Document Format files
PNG – Portable Network Graphics files
PNTG – MacPaint Bitmap Graphic files
QTIF – QuickTime image files
RAD – Radience Scene Description files
RAW – Raw image files
SGI – Silicon Graphics Image files
TGA – TARGA image files
TIF, TIFF – Tagged Image File Format files
XBM – X BitMap files

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A preview application that can not only view PDFs, but can edit them - delete and rotate pages, even import pages from other PDFs. How much does that functionality cost in certain other desktop OSes? It comes bundled with OSX.

It's quite underrated in its capabilities:
you can merge and split PDfs, Change the order of pages, you can even mask pages (cut out and zoom only certain parts).
And its strongest point is of course speed ...

This and QuickLook make for all the image-viewing, PDF-searching and the occasional tweaking of colors or size tools you'll ever need. If you need more -- there is Pixelmator.

i love preview but i grew tired of not being able to browse through image folders, tried jview and xee, stayed with jview for the stripped down/processor friendly aspect and have been happy ever since. still use preview for pdfs (and functionality gripes aside it's a great app).

it's not feature-rich, but nothing beats it speed-wise for PDF files.

I definitely agree - Xee is better than Preview for viewing images.

One of Xee's main benefits is that when you zoom in and out of the image it intelligently resizes the window... I can't stand Preview's behaviour of keeping the window size the same and just zooming in and out of the image. It means you always have to manually resize the viewing window.

Also try Skim PDF Viewer for your PDFs. I find it loads faster plus has more features if you need them.

Not many know about the Slideshow feature in, but it's pretty sweet. Try it out: open up a bunch of images (perhaps a folder) in Preview and then go to the View menu and select "Slideshow" (the keyboard shortcut is Shift-Command-F).

Once in there, you can fit the images to screen and add it to iPhoto, but the best part is the "Index Sheet" (This also has a keyboard shortcut -- "i"). This action makes preview a good lightweight alternative to iPhoto for browsing photos.

For Quicksilver fans, there is a Slideshow action plugin that makes this action accessible without entering Preview at all. Very useful.

I think Xee ( is better than Preview for viewing images.

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