Print Therapy

Version: 6.0.2 || Release Date: 2008-08-23 || License: Shareware (29,95$) Developer: Fixamac | App Owner: djemp

Formerly Printer Setup Repair

This is the evolution of Printer Setup Repair and has been fully upgraded to be compatible with Leopard.

Print Therapy is the only utility in the world designed to diagnose and repair problems that can occur with the Mac OS X printing system. These problems include, but are not limited to, the inability to open the Print & Fax System Preference pane, inabillity to add printers, disappearing print jobs, corrupted preference files, and inability to create PDF files. Print Therapy also includes some useful tools for deleting extra printer drivers, installing or deleting PPD files, deleting old spool files, backing up and restoring the printing system, and resetting the printing system.

Print Therapy 6.x allows the user to do the following:
Backup and restore the printing system
Verify and recreate the root user
Verify and recreate the lp user
Verify and recreate the lp group
Verify and repair the printing system permissions
Verify and repair the home user Library directories
Reset the printing system
Delete CUPS spool files
Verify and repair the /private/tmp directory
Stop, start, or restart the cupsd process
Replace the cupsd.conf file
Delete hidden temporary files
Delete all printing preferences
Delete the pre-installed drivers
View the CUPS access_log file
View the CUPS error_log file
View the CUPS page_log file

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i'm curious if this could help me in my Laserjet1000 setup, where i experience lots of difficulties with the foo printer drivers...