Version: 3.0.10 || Release Date: 2008-08-18 || License: GPL App Owner: joshiesurber

A web filtering proxy that can allow you to keep your identity a little safer online, and to share the same ad blocking settings across browsers.

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After using Privoxy for 4.5 years on Panther, Tiger and Leopard, I have switched to GlimmerBlocker as there is no installer for Privoxy for Snow Leopard, and I wasn't ready to tackle debugging after an attempt to install Privoxy through MacPorts was unsuccessful. GlimmerBlocker uses the same model (system-wide ad-blocking through a proxy server rather than app-by-app blocking) and installs effortlessly

Just found a quirk -- iTunes apparently routes downloads through http or https so it will use Privoxy if it's active. This means that songs with ad in the path anywhere won't download. Fortunately toggling Privoxy off and downloading will allow iTunes to get the files.

I love this program. Works great.

3.0.10 was released August 17, 2008.

@bb - if an app. does what it does effectively and bug-free, it won't need to be updated often. Install it, add the toggle script to your bookmarks for the rare case when it blocks something you want to see, then leave it alone. It just works.

The only ad blocker I've found that will block the video ads on Comedy Central.

It's unfortunately not updated too often. Also, for those that don't want to install something that requires administrative access, take a look at

the only ad blocking program you need, for every browser on your computer.

Anything like this should be built into OS X by default ;)