Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2009-08-16 || License: Commercial with demo ($19.99) Developer: SoftRaph | App Owner: softraph

proNotes is a personal information manager and to-do list with a whole host of features to keep you organized and help you find your information quickly.

Here's more about proNotes

The basic component of proNotes is a note. A note has a category, title, status, note text, attachments, a keyword, and to-dos. What's cool about proNotes is as soon as you save a new note, it's organized for you in the Main Window and it's text is searchable. It does all this on the fly.

Fast Searching
There are two ways of searching proNotes: clicking & typing.
- Clicking on a category finds all the titles with that category. Clicking on a title finds just the notes with that title. One last click in the details table shows you the note.
- Typing in the search field narrows things down just like clicking. proNotes will quickly show you all the notes, for all the statuses, that have the search text in the category, title, note, attachment name, to-do item or keyword.

To-Dos Like You've Never Used Them Before
Many programs have to-do lists but proNotes handles to-do lists in a unique and powerful way. Just like with notes, proNotes lets you click and search your to-do's. That means in just a few clicks you can:
- See all your to-dos for all your notes.
- See just the to-dos for a particular title (i.e. all the to-dos for the Acme account)
-See just the to-dos for a particular note (i.e. all the to-dos from the conference call you had with Jack Strong on 12/26/2008.)

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