Version: 1.3.4 || Release Date: 2013-11-01 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: Trevor Squires | App Owner: factoryjoe

A better way to use Campfire on your Mac

Conducting group chats in a web browser is a huge win, and Campfireâ„¢ is an exceptional example of a full-featured application that runs in an ordinary browser.
But if you use Campfireâ„¢ for hours every day, a web browser simply can't deliver the desktop-grade experience you expect from an application that's "always on".

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Still being supported?

If you have lots of Campfire rooms to manage at same time, this app is really your thing.

I manage, at the same time, 6 Campfire rooms, and it was really upsetting me without Propane. Now, I receive growl notifications and highlights on new posts.

Awesome app.

It is a nice app. When you use more than 6 rooms it get's a little messy though. I wish they had a more beautiful solution for that.

not freeware as stated above.

Thanks tikaro. I'm the artist who made the icon :)

It is a damned useful app as well, I'd add.

Campfire's absolute garbage but this is a pretty cool app. I wish they'd port it to better services though.

haha, tikaro, I'm with you. Downloaded it just for the icon, only to find out I have no clue what the program actually does :D

I've seen the evolution of this little gas can from a pretty early stage and I have to say it is the only way I can "stand" using Campfire. The drag-and-drop sharing capabilities and highlight-text-to-transcript functionalities still boggle my mind. Obviously, I highly recommend this. :)

I absolutely love the icon.