Properly Cut MP3

Version: 0.95b || Release Date: 2006-09-29 || License: Freeware Developer: Sebastian Gesemann | App Owner: yoasif

Perfectly cuts mp3 files using cuesheets. Uses the LAME tag to ensure gapless playback in programs like foobar2000.

Command line only.

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4 Opinions

Seems to work fine with Itunes. Cog v0.06, however, plays the resulting files with a gap, whereas Play v0.2 crashes when trying to open one of the files.

Also: it only saves id3v1 tags, so long values will be cut, even the full information is available in the cue sheet. (See the hydrogenaudio thread for more info.)

This is a nice program, it works just fine for its intended purpose. Don't be frightened because it's a CLI program. Just place it in your home folder, together with the mp3 you have to cut, and all you'll need to type is "java -jar pcutmp3.jar --cue album.cue album.mp3 --out "%n - %t" in the terminal (spotlight for it if you haven't used it before).

Seems to work fine with iTunes too.