Version: 4.2.1 || Release Date: 2008-10-17 || License: Freeware App Owner: arne

The beauty of Proteus is its multi-protocol support all within a single application. With Proteus you can log into all your IM accounts with ease. There is no need to have several IM applications open when you can just use one! We offer support for AIM (including .Mac accounts), MSN, Yahoo! (including Yahoo! Japan), ICQ, Jabber (including Google Talk), iChat Bonjour, Gadu Gadu, and Sametime with more in the works!

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The New version, ProteusX, is available here:

It is currently in beta stage. But coming along nicely.

Definately not gone! ProteusX coming soon! Download the beta!

yep, it's off. all the devs seem do have better things to do. get adium.

Is Proteus still alive? Its site seems to have gone offline...

seems more stable than adium to me, though with fewer bells and whistles. my status info is not reliably displayed in adium, never had any issues iwth proteus. have to agree that I hope some of proteus shows up in ichat!

Honestly this program works the way a Mac program should. I wish it was still being actively developed, but the author has moved on to bigger and better things at Apple. I'm holding out hope that the next iChat will offer some of the features that Proteus pioneered.

It's been free for a while. Just register it (from the file menu). The cost is $0.00

More powerful than iChat but a lot less attractive. I don't use it for this reason, unless pressed. Not freeware, either - $15... Someone should fix that.