Version: 1.6.0 || Release Date: 2010-07-08 || License: Freeware App Owner: somegeekintn

Proxi allows you to automate a variety of tasks such as copying files, opening URLs, updating iChat status, entering text, launching application and much more by associating these tasks with one or more triggers. Some of the triggers that Proxi can respond to include custom hot keys, incoming email, recurring date and time events, speech recognition, folder, battery, or network changes. Unwanted triggers can be suppressed by applying filters if needed. And of course, Proxi allows you to extend the functionality Griffin products such as AirClick and PowerMate.

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Works fairly well w/ my AirClick USB.

Got things set up today so that I can bring up a QS command window populated w/ the Triggers (Catalog) object. I can subsequently descend into the object to see a list of triggers and then choose one to execute -- all from the AirClick USB ;-)

I don't understand some parts of specifying AirClick triggers [1] so my arrangement is a bit odd (e.g. there's no navigating leftwards -- just up, down, and right -- because I ran out of buttons) -- hopefully I can figure this out at some point.

[1] How to get the multiple buttons at the same time stuff working w/o interfering w/ existing triggers that use those buttons separately...

started using Proxi and my griffin powermate decided to stop working. uninstalled, and no go. uninstalled and reinstalled powermate drivers and pref pane. still no go. tried with just proxi controls... nada. Hmmph. Now the powermate won't work no matter what I try (still lights up, etc, but won't control anything).

Heres a great site for it: