Version: 1.8.5 || Release Date: 2010-03-29 || License: Commercial with demo ($16.95) Developer: Code Sorcery Workshop | App Owner: incanus

Pukka is a richly-featured client for Delicious, Ma.gnolia, and compatible social bookmarking services.

Simple. Delicious. Fire Pukka up and within seconds you can easily post to one or more accounts. And Pukka features superfast built-in search.

Pukka also comes with its own bookmarklet for super fast posting, or you can drag a URL from any browser, open a URL shortcut file on the desktop, or drag a URL right onto the dock icon. You can even set Pukka as your external weblog client in NetNewsWire, NewsFire, and Vienna.

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From tiny test so far, seems excellent - the easy/power for searching delicious locally alone makes it excellent. Dunno if it has the suggested tags that the delicious client does, so far my only 'Q' I need to ans'.

very nice app. however started costing $5 and now is $17, which is more than expensive, considering the current difficult times. but nice work, developer

This is a nifty little application and I did use it for a week or so. However, it doesn't offer anything I can't find using the official Delicious extension for Firefox, from Yahoo! -- and the extension is free. And integrates directly with the browser in place of the standard bookmarks. Pukka requires that you use a bookmarklet and doesn't have a way to simply click on common/suggested tags for your new entry.

If you're using safari, this is probably a decent solution. If you're not using safari, the standard extension is better.

Pukka 1.6.3 still crashes on Leopard !

the new version (1.6) looks great! very very lovely program. Here's a feature request: Is there a way to tell pukka to open a bookmark as an tab in safari. i would like such a feature. It's a little bit annoying to have 20+ browser windows open :-(

So, uh, how does this stack up to Cocoalicious?

With Pukka bookmarking is as easy as 1,2...3

Superb. Use it several times each day. Well worth the 12.95.

fuckin awesome!!!

Pukka rules. I just wish I could get away from Flock so I can use it more...

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