Version: 1.8.5 || Release Date: 2010-03-29 || License: Commercial with demo ($16.95) Developer: Code Sorcery Workshop | App Owner: incanus

Pukka is a richly-featured client for Delicious, Ma.gnolia, and compatible social bookmarking services.

Simple. Delicious. Fire Pukka up and within seconds you can easily post to one or more accounts. And Pukka features superfast built-in search.

Pukka also comes with its own bookmarklet for super fast posting, or you can drag a URL from any browser, open a URL shortcut file on the desktop, or drag a URL right onto the dock icon. You can even set Pukka as your external weblog client in NetNewsWire, NewsFire, and Vienna.

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13 Opinions

Love this app. Its at the forefront of my new RSS / delicious obsession.

Minimalist in all the right ways. I adore Pukka.

This was developed by my friend Justin. Great client!

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