Version: 2.5.3 || Release Date: 2013-06-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Acrylic | App Owner: abulafia

Pulp is a unique and innovative news reader that turns your favourite news sites into your own personalized newspaper.

News shouldn't be like email. Pulp takes your favorite news feeds and presents them in a beautifully friendly & familiar format, making it easy to quickly scan through headlines, previews, and photos to find the stories that interest you most. It's like your very own personalized newspaper, designed for your Mac & iPad.

For those of you who have used Times 1.0, Pulp for Mac is a substantial upgrade in both speed and customizability, and brings it up to speed with all the work we’ve done on Pulp for iPad.

But what would a great Mac and iPad pair be without great sync support? Pulp Sync is a new cloud-based sync service we’ve built specifically for Pulp from the ground up, letting you keep all of your articles, feeds, pages, and other data in sync between multiple devices. All you need is a completely free Pulp Sync account, and all of your changes will be synced seamlessly.

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