Version: 1.2.1 || Release Date: 2012-02-10 || License: Shareware ($14.99) Developer: nudge:nudge | App Owner: darklight

Tag your files and bookmarks.

Punakea is a little app trying to help you cope with the day-to-day struggle of managing your files. Designed to complement Spotlight, it allows you to tag your files and bookmarks, freeing you of the strict hierarchy of the Finder's folder structure.
A "tag" is like a keyword. Tags can help you to group files which have something in common. You can assign as many tags as you wish to each file.

With its sidebar, it's always accessible with just a flick of the mouse, just drag and drop without any hassle. The tag cloud gives you a perfect view of all your tags.

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under very active development again

I bought this app after trying it out a telling everyone I knew about it...
THEN Snow Leopard came. Come to find out the developers and in the process of getting their PhD's and have little time for working out the bugs and issues that arose with the intro of SL. From their own words.....
"we started Punakea in early 2006 as our first attempt to develop for the Mac platform. In 2009, we began our PhD studies, and now face the difficulty of developing Punakea in our spare time."
Buyer please be aware of this.
I have had to switch to "Tags" untill they get around to fixing it.
Great app....
Still needs the ability for preview, tagging local copies of e-mails...

Nifty Box remains free. Discontinued, but free...
and for 25$, I prefere give a little more and buy Leap and/or Yep or even the promotional pack from the Ironic software (51,73€ = 4 apps).
A different app but also an organizer, Yojimbo. Is a bit expensive but it's a hell of a app (I also have to try Together).

Gone shareware. :(

Would be nice if:

a) bookmarked pages were rendered inline via WebKit (then I can stop using Cocoalicious which I am afraid is no longer maintained)
b) I could choose icon view

However with or without these features, it's a great app!

In its latest version, Punakea has finally taken over the file management on my Mac. Extremely useful, especially when you want to have files associated with more than one "folder". I keep the new "Tags" folder in my Dock, which makes accessing files the old fashioned way (browsing through folders) very easy and fast.

Unfortunately Punakea doesn't work accross computers for the moment. (See support forum)

The only grief I have with Punakea is that it surrounds the Spotlight comments with these <code>###begin_tags ###end_tags###</code> parts. It would be nice if you could (I can't, right?) definte your own tag markups, so that you can have it better share the same tags with other applications.

nice! hopefully some kind of auto-tag suggestion comes in a future release, but as it is today, it works for me.

Flexible and 'universal' way to manage my files: no dedicated often time-consuming and easily obsolescent databases, not to be prisoner of a structured way of working with files. Great application, expecially v. beta 0.3.

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