Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2009-03-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: yurayura

Pwitter is a simple and elegant Twitter client for Mac, that is written in Cocoa. The application runs on only Leopard at the moment.

List of features:
- General Twitter actions (download status updates, post statuses, post replies, send direct messages)
- All communications with Twitter server is encrypted using HTTPS
- Elegant and eye candy user interface with beautiful animation using Core Animation technology
- Ability to filter the status view with a keyword
- Ability to receive replies from people you don’t follow
- Ability to switch views between the normal view and the mini view
- Automatic update with Sparkle
- Growl notification support
- Menubar icon
- Ability to hide the dock icon

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@brh It's entirely possible, being a twitter noob and all. I've since untwittered since no one else I know uses it.

@latrent Pwitter does let you know if the service is down any time it polls it. So if Twitter is having trouble for a while (fairly likely) it'll keep letting you know. You can set 'Don't display error messages' in the timeline tab of the preferences. I've experienced a timeline full of errors because of this, but never had to log out/in... You might just think you did because it kept happening?

I've been using another app for a week now with no problems, but I switched when I saw this entry for Pwitter. In the hour or so I used it, I was informed four times that the Twitter servers were down and I had to relogin each time. I switched back to the previous app and no dropouts. Has no one else noticed this behavior?

Definitely the best Twitter client on Mac ever.

Clean, simple, and has all the functionality I need from a twitter client. Also much faster than the AIR clients I used to use.

@gadz , I don't know if you're one of the devs or not, but your enthusiasm suggests you might be. If so, great work, and the improvements keep making Pwit better! I do plan to officially drop in my suggestions, just haven't yet... No excuses, just haven't gotten around to it...

@brh If you have suggestions you should ask them here:
They could be implemented within a week into the source code in the repository.
As you can see here: there have been over 7 revisions to the code since the v1.0 release!

Great client, was using Tototl, but this has proven to be much closer to what I want. They just need to add pref to change the alert sound (and preferably have it play as system alert...)

It's opensource! (And that's the greatest thing of all!)

this is basicly an twitterific clone, but free! (And thats great!)

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