Version: 2.7.1 || Release Date: 2009-03-22 || License: Shareware ($49.95) Developer: Brainwave Ltd. | App Owner: edward

Audio relaxation tool.

pzizz! help you to feel better, work harder and play longer.
pzizz combines music to soothe you, voice to inspire you and a binaural beat to help take you deep into a deeply relaxed and blissful state.

The export feature means you can use pzizz anywhere you like. (iPod / MP3 / CD / Cell Phone)

You can select the exact length of program and customize it to suit you. pzizz will then generate a unique soundtrack for you - every single time you press "play" or "export".

The clever little algorithm can create more than 100 billion combinations of soundtrack - so you'll never hear the same thing twice!

Listen at your computer, export to MP3 player or burn to CD. It's your choice how and where you use pzizz to get more out of each day!

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9 Opinions

I never would have tried it if I hadn't got it free thru MDA, but I am glad I did. I have since paid for it and I have used it regularly for over a year.

One thing about it that I hate though - the alarm. It is too loud and too obnoxious. With so much customizability for the rest of the nap, it's surprising that there isn't volume control for the alarm.

pzizz is the shnizz. provides for amazing power naps. I usually can NEVER nap, but this app puts me down like a warm puppy and a bowl of milk.

Usually I believe these things are rubbish. Put naps are incredible powerful, if you can limit the time you spend napping, so the key is falling asleep fast. This software is incredible. It does the trick. It really works, at least for me. Give it a try.

I fall asleep within minutes of listening and I was an insomniac.

An absolute must have application for those who need a little help with relaxing or sleeping.

Try is for yourself and listen to this sample nap:

Sometimes even a podcaster needs some time to put aside the hectic troublesome problems of the day. And behold! Pzizz let's me do just that.

I was skeptical of this program when I first heard of it, and when I saw the first few words on the website stating "Personal Life Coaching System" I thought "oh no!" An acquaintance had a copy, and sent me a sample of the output. Within about 10 minutes I was asleep. I've since purchased the program, and can state that it works. I've had the best few nights of sleep the last few nights since I've been using it, and will continue to use it from here on in. If you can put more than $65 as the cost of a good night's sleep, then this is well worth it.

I love Pzizz and should really use it more than I do. But like the others have said, it works or at least seems to.

Going forward I'm calling this mr sleepy man.

it totally freaked me out that this thing actually works. im still usin it lookin for a way that its bs, but its not. it really does help you sleep. crazy huh?

my girlfriend refers to this as sleepy man. as in "can i have sleepy man?" and then we doze off with a little assistance. this is a simple, powerful, and clever program. highly recommended.