Version: 1.1.4 || Release Date: 2011-12-16 || License: Commercial with demo ($29) Developer: Araelium Group | App Owner: sethwillits

Querious is a MySQL database management application written from the ground up exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard.

Querious is an all-new MySQL database management application for Mac OS X, including the ability to view, edit, and search data, manage table schema, indexes, queries, and users, and ships initially with a native connector to MySQL 5. Direct, SSH, and SSL connections are all supported.

Querious has been built from the ground up as a modern OS X application featuring a well-crafted user experience that is both comfortable and manages to stay out of the way of experienced developers and database administrators.

The Querious interface features a well-organized design enabling fluid navigation between viewing data, editing schemas, writing queries, and administrating users. Tabbed windows allows multiple active views at the same time including multiple sessions and query results without the clutter of multiple windows like other applications create.

Querious also features a CSV/Tab records viewer and editor. Records files can be viewed, searched, and edited in a speadsheet-like manner without the problems of data being altered by the spreadsheet application. Files can also be transformed into alternate formats.

What's in 1.0:
- Secure connections over SSL and through SSH tunnels
- Table content, columns, indexes, and keys editors
- Custom query view with syntax coloring and saved queries
- Extensive GUI for MySQL user privileges
- Speedy import and export to/from CSV, Tab, and SQL
- CSV/Tab "records document" editor
- Handy copy-rows-to-clipboard feature

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2 Opinions

Postgres and Sqlite would be the killer features, but still: It's already way better than any other Mac MySQL GUI. Love it.

This is the best MySQL gui on mac, bar none.

Hopefully they'll support Postgres and SQLite soon.