Version: 4.0.5 || Release Date: 2012-07-24 || License: Commercial with demo (14.95) Developer: Intech Software Corporation | App Owner: jordantbro

Disk benchmarking tool for Mac OS X.

QuickBench is a simple to use but powerful hard disk performance benchmarking tool. It provides three built-in, industry trusted test suites which measure the performance of dozens of preset hard disk transfer sizes. Complementing QuickBench's built-in test suites is a configurable custom test option which allows you to design a disk test of virtually any size and duration according to your own personal requirements.

Get the results that you can count on! QuickBench tests your hard disks through the Macintosh file system. In other words, QuickBench measures performance in the same way that your applications actually store and retrieve data. Testing in this way ensures highly repeatable, stable, real-world results. Other benchmarking utilities (which test the drive directly) bypass all of your system's real-world influences. As a result, they tend to produce “synthetic“ results which may have limited predictive value for your system.

Testing at the file system level has other benefits as well... QuickBench can benchmark just about any mounted writable volume and interface - including RAM disks, flash memory cards and Apple Share volumes! Further, QuickBench is extremely safe since all of its tests are performed by reading and writing to a temporary test file, leaving your existing data completely untouched.

We all know that collecting accurate benchmark results is important. However, understanding the results is equally as important. And again, QuickBench delivers. QuickBench provides multiple ways to view your measurements. Use QuickBench's graphical view to spot patterns and trends quickly, or switch to the numerical view to see details down to a thousandth of a megabyte per second.

After testing, QuickBench can save your test results as a file which can be viewed using any standard text editing software or as a Microsoft™ Excel™ compatible file designed specifically to make external chart creation a snap.

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