Version: 2006 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Commercial with demo (70) App Owner: jdany

Track, save and invest with the ultimate personal financial management software created for the Macintosh platform.

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I use it. Grudgingly. It's the most wretched Mac app I've used. It randomly un-reconciles previously reconciled accounts from months back. I would so much like to give my money to some other company that would make a decent piece of financial software for the Mac. The online capabilities of Quicken are the only reason I continue using it.

mmm, I guess I've never used anything else, but Quicken 2005 with the R4 update seems to work fine for me... it doesn't do the greatest job matching transactions, especially if they're downloaded at the same time (say transfers between checking and savings at the same institution)... but considering it came free with my iBook, I'm pretty pleased with it.

So I'm using Quicken 2005 and it has some very obvious, painful bugs. I also agree that the UI is awful and un Mac-like. But it syncs easily with PocketQuicken on my Palm which I am tied to. So life goes on.

The mac version pales in comparision to the windows version.

I use it - also hate it. No multi-currency even though the windows version has had it for years, and the UI is not Mac-like. Used to like MS Money, review the other products regularly, but still nothing there...

I hate this program. It consumes an hour of my life every couple of weeks, I've been paying Intuit upgrade fees since the Reagan administration, and they still can't get the basic Mac user interface issues right. I hate this program.

But it works (not cleanly, but well enough) with my bank, and I have a zillion years of data in it, and.... sigh. I'm a slothful pig. What can I say.

I used to use Quicken but the lack of Spotlight search functionality turned me off to it. I was hoping that 2006 would include it, but it didn't.

Now I use iBank, it costs a lot less. The trial version allows you to use it until you have 50 transactions in any given account, at which time you have to purchase it. What sold me on iBank was the Spotlight functionality built in.