Quicken Essentials

Version: 1.1f4438 || Release Date: 2010-03-16 || License: Shareware ($69.99 USD) Developer: Intuit | App Owner: marcelcole

Built Mac smart, with you in mind.

View your accounts all in one place. Our completely reimagined interface makes it easier than ever to see where you can save more and spend less.
Save time and money. Quicken automatically categorizes transactions so you can see where your money’s going and pay down debt.
Avoid pesky overdraft and late fees. See your current balance, including upcoming bills and paychecks so you always know where you stand. See included link for more details.

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2 Opinions

Finally a Quicken that doesn't feel like the OS 7 app my Dad used to use. I can now do download only (no data entry). It's a little expensive for what you get but if you can find it at a discount, get it!

Worst version of Quicken ever produced. Essentially worthless.