Version: 4.0.7 (131) || Release Date: 2009-12-17 || License: Commercial with demo ($59.95) Developer: Startly Technologies | App Owner: millifoo

QuicKeys is software that makes it easier to use your computer. With QuicKeys you can automate common things you do all the time. And you can automate tedious things you don't do all the time — things that are hard to remember.

With QuicKeys 4 you can automate your computer in two ways: Abbreviations and Shortcuts. Abbreviations, which are new in QuicKey 4, are words you type into a document that are then automatically replaced by QuicKeys with longer text. Shortcuts are collections of one or more steps that perform specific tasks on your computer.

Make a New Record Shortcuts are the main way you automate your computer using QuicKeys. Shortcuts are very powerful, but are super easy to make. That's because QuicKeys can make them for you by recording practically anything you can do. All you have to do is tell QuicKeys when to start recording and when to stop recording. QuicKeys will then make a new Shortcut containing steps that reproduce your actions.

Of course, if you want you can always create and edit Shortcuts by hand. You can even edit your recorded Shortcuts later if you want to have them do something different.

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2 Opinions

For software that price $79.95 that failed when played recording macros, also run with 75 MB real memory + 14 MB background engine, this Quickeys is definitely not my choice.

A vital utility. I open most of my apps with it, boilerplate data, etc.