Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2008-12-22 || License: Freeware Developer: twenty8 | App Owner: schwarzbichler

Send Files to Anyone (It doesn't matter if they use QuickShareIt or not, PC, Mac or Linux, if they can browse websites, they can download your file.) Easily Upload Any Type of File. Unlimited Bandwidth (Serve it to the world!). Drag & Drop 1 File or 100 Files (Multiple files or folders automatically get zipped before they're uploaded).

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Papaya also looks like an interesting choice: the file transfer is done via a web server on the computer, so downloading can start immediatly.
(Requires Leopard.)

Podmailing seems more interesting: there's no size limit, and the download can start immediatly.

Also the recipient can download the file via:
- a standard bittorrent client (immediate start),
- the podmailing app (immediate start),
- a web browser (available when upload is finished. size limit?).

Nice app. By the way, max file size is 100mb, I didn't see that mentioned here or even in the FAQ on the dev's site.

I really like it. It's quite simple and straightforward. By far one of the best upload utilities for OSX. Now i just can't live without it!

Yes, that's true... Pando does not work with Linux.
But I think you won't have to register to use it. At least I don't remember to have registered in Pando's website. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
When you send a package through Pando for the first time, the application asks only for a valid e-mail address, so that you may receive a confirmation that the package has been sent. (Which is useful for you to track what you have sent.)

It's Great! Just wish it showed a window warning about the file dowload URL (this information goes automatically to the clipboard... but I can forget about that... :-()
Otherwise, it works great and it's really fast and pratical to send files this way. Thanks!

Pando does not work with Linux, and you have to register.

There are also Pando and PodMailer.
I've been using Pando for some months and I must say it works very well. (Although I've read reports of a few problems with the latest versions of the application.) With Pando it's possible to send files up to 1 gigabyte for free.
I did not try PodMailer yet, but I suppose its principle is the same as Pando.

This is a great app and service combo, and Beta 4 is far less buggy than Beta 3. Despite the few bugs, I've found this app indispensable.