Version: 1.2.0 || Release Date: 2014-10-16 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Blacktree | App Owner: alcor

Application launcher and much more.

Quicksilver is a unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.
Anyone using a computer (and the Macintosh is no exception) spends a lot of time locating files and applications, and then carrying out actions on those items. The Finder is a reasonably good tool for getting a visual overview of the contents of your disk, but it isn't ideal for quickly locating and manipulating files, especially if you have a deep and complicated folder structure, or if you prefer keyboard navigation to using the mouse.

Quicksilver allows you to find what you need quickly and easily, while keeping your hands on the keyboard. For example, if you want to launch an application hidden in the depths of your file system, simply activate Quicksilver with a keystroke, type a few letters of the application's name, then hit Return or Enter to launch it. When you don't need Quicksilver, it keeps out of your way, preserving precious screen real estate, and yet you can summon it instantly with a key stroke - just like Mercury the winged messenger. Actually, Roman mythological texts are remarkably silent on whether Mercury could be summoned with a key stroke, but it would have been great if he could. Quicksilver will certainly make you feel as if you have god-like powers.

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I use this many many times every day. You can use it in a simple fashion just to launch applications, but as you become comfortable with it you can accomplish so much more.

It gets the most use from me when I want to search something in wikipedia, amazon, google, etc. Invoke quicksilver at any time and you can enter a short command that will not only launch your browser, but also enter the search for you and bring you straight to the results.

If I have a document open I can tell quicksilver to take that document and compose a new email with it as an attachment to a specific person in my address book. All of this is done with only a couple keystrokes, as quicksilver learns what you do most and guesses what you're typing.

It can also move files, rename them, copy them, open them with a different application, resize images, re-format images—the list goes on. Most importantly, it's easy to use for just the simple things so you don't need to be an expert to start using it.

Thanks for the heads up on the plugin Norz.

I've added it to the Quicksilver Wiki: http://qsapp.com/wiki/Plugin_Reference
and to the Quicksilver Plugins Repository: http://qsapp.com/plugins page

Alternative homepage here, with wiki & plugin repository:

I used to love this app, however, after getting used to Spotlight, i don't need the extra bloat of Quicksilver. I used to appreciate all the great keyboard-fu, and modules which made interacting with OS X easier, but well...

@thalantas I disagree. In my experience google search box is slower and has less functionality than Quicksilver.

Fantastic app if you take the time to learn how to use it. It's almost five years since the introduction of Spotlight and Quicksilver is still better.

Definitely one of the most used apps on my Mac. Much simpler to use than Spotlight as it only searches / indexes Apps not everything else.

The new ß57 version was announced in a lot of places touting large performance increase. I've tried it, but I went back to ß54, still works for me, and is a lot faster than the sluggish ß57.

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