QuickTime Player X

Version: 10.1 || Release Date: 2010-06-07 || License: Included with OS Developer: Apple | App Owner: bodytechnician

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard includes a new QuickTime Player

that lets you playback your media using an uncluttered interface with controls that fade out when they're not needed. It also offers easy media sharing, flexible recording capabilities, and makes it simple to trim your media files to the perfect length.

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You can add a SIMBL Plugin that alters Quicktime Player X to automatically start playing when entering full screen.
It also automatically resigns full screen when the movie has finished playing.

See: http://github.com/sjaek/QTXAutoPlayFullscreen

I agree, but I couldn't list it as "QuickTime Player" on iusethis.com, because they redirect from QuickTime Player to QuickTime Player 7. Maybe that made sense at one time, when most Mac users had QTP7 as their default player. But now most Mac users are on Snow Leopard, so their default player is QTP10. I contacted iusethis to ask them to drop the redirect, or change it to redirect to QTP10. No reply yet.
Another user said I should have listed the new player as QuickTime Player X instead of QuickTime Player 10. They have a point; Apple refers to the new QuickTime technology as QuickTime X; the new QuickTime Player is part of QuickTime X; by googling I found that many more people refer to the new player as QuickTime Player X than as QuickTime 10. So I made a new listing for QuickTime Player X and asked iusethis to redirect QTP10 to QTPX. No reply yet. Usually they reply quickly.

Apple lists it as "QuickTime Player" in the app bundle. iusethis.com should do the same.

@ el_cravito:
Did some google research. There are many more articles referring to the new QTP as "QuickTime Player X" than as "QuickTime Player 10".
So I made a listing for
QuickTime Player X
and asked iusethis to merge QTP10 into the QTPX listing.

@ el_cravito:
Reading your comment, so I went back to the Apple.com pages on QuickTime. QuickTime X is a new software framework. Apple's new player based on the QuickTime X framework, the player that ships with Snow Leopard, they refer to as QuickTime Player. They never use the name QuickTime Player X. "About QuickTime Player" says it's version 10.0

@ bodytechbician:
Yes, you're right.
But maybe you could have added it under "QuickTime Player X" ("X", not "10").
The name "QuickTime Player X" seems to be available here in I Use This.

The listing under "QuickTime X" is not a listing for QuickTime Player, it's for a 3rd party app, a preference pane for QuickTime Player. That listing probably should have been titled "QuickTime X Pref", which is what the developer calls it on their site.

When you hover the mouse over the dock icon, the name that appears is QuickTime Player. When you open the app, the name that appears in the menu bar is QuickTime Player. When you click on the menu item for About QuickTime Player, the name that appears in the description written by Apple is QuickTime Player. The correct name of this Apple app seems to be QuickTime Player (although Apple sometimes refers to it as QuickTime Player X on their site). However, I could not title this listing as just QuickTime Player, because iusethis is currently set up so that if you go to http://osx.iusethis.com/app/quicktimeplayer it redirects to the listing for QuickTime Player 7. I've contacted iusethis about this.

It's already listed under "QuickTime X" (which is the correct name of the application).