QuickTime Pro

Version: 7.5.5 || Release Date: 2008-09-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.99 U.S) App Owner: deadwriter

QuickTime 7 Pro is everything that Apple's backbone media engine is, with features unlocked. Record audio, capture video, convert file formats, and save some web delivered content.

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Other formats QuickTime supports natively (to varying degrees) include AIFF, WAV, DV, MP3, and MPEG-1. With additional QuickTime Extensions, it can also support Ogg, ASF, FLV, MKV, DivX Media Format, and others.
How to convert videos and DVD to QuickTime (.MOV) on Mac?


QTAmateur can convert video files to any format that QuickTime can write. Eg: it can extract pictures (frames) from a movie (with an adjustable frame per second rate).

Firefox, in its page info window, has a media tab that allows to save an embedded quicktime movie.

Quicktime Player can play movies fullscreen since version 7.2 released on 2007-07-10.

Use it all the time but, boy, this is one app Apple is long-overdue in giving a REAL Mac interface.

It's a nice app, but kinda lame to charge 30 USD for a movie player just to make it do fullscreen. Apple should grow up and bundle it with its not-so-cheap hardware. Other than that, QuickTime is very nice indeed.

QuickTime Pro allows one to unlock the "pro" features of the QuickTime player. This allows one to play movies in full screen, save and convert audio and video formats, and do limited editing with in it's window. Users of some of Apple's Pro applications, like FCP (Final Cut Pro) will be given a licence when they purchase the Pro app. A new licence will have to be purchased every time apple does a major revision, from QT 6 to 7, and likely from 7 to 8. At 30 bucks it isn't too bad, but a necessity to keep those Pro applications working if one has upgraded. Paying for the Pro licence will also allow one to save many different kinds of web delivered movies.

Note: Some encoding plug-ins, like MPEG-2 will still have to be purchased.

See the QuickTime Player description for more information.