Quiz Press 2

Version: 2.0.11 || Release Date: 2008-01-27 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95 USD) Developer: Sol Robots | App Owner: spin

Make Quizzes for the Web:
(you don't even have to grade them)
Quizzes made in Quiz Press allow you to easily export to the web. Quizzes are automatically graded (unless you choose to do it yourself), and the results are sent back to you in an encrypted email (so there won't be any cheating going on).

Add video, images, music, sound or interactive content to really make the web testing experience stand out. You can copy and paste, drag and drop, or load these from many sources. We even support copy and paste from some math typing programs like Apple's Grapherâ„¢.

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Program Highlights:

* Multiple Choice Questions
o Unlimited number of multiple choice options
o Options can be randomly or explicitly ordered
o Ability to add explanations or feedback to each option
* Fill in the blank questions
* Short Answer questions
* True or False questions (with explanations)
* Cloze questions
* Essay questions (hand graded)
* Titles (not graded)
* Choose whether questions are computer or hand graded on a per question basis
* Generate interactive web quizzes which you can post online
(encrypted with 64 bit encryption)
* Generate printed quizzes
* Import from Blackboardâ„¢ & iQuizâ„¢
* Export to Blackboardâ„¢, GIFTâ„¢ & iQuizâ„¢
* Full editing support (change size, styles, and fonts)
* Supports adding images to questions
(image formats supported: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF**, PICT*, BMP*, Photoshop*, Targa*, Tiff*)
* Supports adding MP3 Sounds and Music to questions
* Supports adding FLV Movies to questions
* Supports adding SWF Interactive Media to questions
* Multi-lingual spell checking***
* Unlimited undo
* Automatic scoring of the online quiz
* Show the results to the student or hide them
* Scored results can be reported using encrypted email or by printer

  • Use of this format requires installation of Quicktimeâ„¢
    • Mac OS X Only
      • Multi-lingual spell checking requires Mac OS X 10.2.4 or higher. Other systems (e.g. Windows) use our 170,000 word English spell-checker.