Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2007-07-16 || License: Freeware App Owner: chaoswarriorx

Simply the best, fastest, and easiest bulk file re-namer ever. Lots of functions, really fast and accurate, previews before renaming, free!

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Fast and works pretty well. I wish it would just move the renamed files over to the left so that you could continue to perform operations on them in sequence....

thanks, updated.

The proper website is:

The download page is:

Loved this app -- simple, intuitive, gets the job done, free.

Now I try to download a fresh copy and its gone?! Anyone else? Asian/Japanese site error page then forwards along to its root. (August 2008)

Going to give NameMangler a try...

Hey, at least R-Name is free... Renamer4Mac is like $26 !!

was the best once but fell asleep, the throne belongs to renamer4mac now.

Actually, it was released in 2003:


It must've been just added to the iusethis.com database.

Whew, it's released in July 2007 and it is PowerPC only! Bummer.

I much prefer Renamer4Mac.

you could ude this or just create one with automator

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