Version: 1.6 build 420 || Release Date: 2007-10-17 || License: Shareware ($15) Developer: bitcartel | App Owner: ruffnex

Record MP3 Internet radio streams as individual MP3 songs
Songs are automatically tagged with artist, album, radio station and track number
Schedule recordings of your favourite shows
Record multiple streams at the same time
Split recordings by song, time, or size
Import from iTunes Radio Tuner
Drag and drop MP3 stations from iTunes and the Web (typically these are links that end with .pls)
International language streams supported
Supports thousands of Shoutcast compatible and M3U/EXTM3U style radio streams found on popular sites and in iTunes Radio Tuner

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6 Opinions

Works brilliantly and, unlike StreamripperX, doesn't keep trying to contact external porn and 3rd party sites.

StreamRipperX works absolutely fine on OS X 10.2.5 +, has a different name, and is under a different license than RadioLover. I say they're different apps.

Yes, but according to the StreamRipperX developer, that is an old app "For Mac OSX 10.1.5 - 10.2.4".

Whereas this is for os 10.2.5 and above

You can still download StreamRipperX (GPLed). But yeah, unfortuante they went this route.

Streamripper used to be free.
Too bad.

unregistered versions only allow 30min of uninterupted recording