Version: 1.5.2 || Release Date: 2008-06-14 || License: Freeware Developer: Forgotten Software/Tominated Software | App Owner: forgottensoft

Fast, Lightweight Web Browser

It's Fast. It's Very Fast.
These days, everyone wants everything now. They want food now, they want money now and they want the internet now. Radon fulfills the latter by rendering web pages faster than Safari, one of the fastest browsers on offer. As for the others, please consult your local fast food restaurant and/or lottery agent.

A Different Kind of Browser.
Radon is not your run of the mill Web Browse. Most browses offer a bazillion (not a real word) features that a normal user will not need. Radon cuts those out to increase performance. Many browsers also clutter up your browser with things like RSS, flashy bookmark bars and tabs. While some people enjoy these features, many do not. They are slow and generally in the way. SO, with all of this said Radon is efficiently trimmed down for the normal user. All the needed features are there, but with moderation. You'll find your productivity will go, despite the lack of Style Sheets and a "Mail Contents of Selected Tab" feature. Radon is super fast because it harnesses the power of WebKit, the rendering engine developed with speed in mind. Radon is also built using Cocoa and Objective-C, the default programming language of Mac OS X. Cocoa brings you the elegance of Mac OS X, with the power of Super Man (figuratively)

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3 Opinions

My comment would be that it is slower than Safari, and more bugs need to be fixed with the interface. If I resize the window, the metal bar at the bottom gets huge and covers most of the page. Not good.

I like the reduced interface and that baby really IS faster than Safari.

But I'm sorry to say, that it has some major interface bugs (at least the Tiger-Version). When it starts up, it opens in a size smaller than fullscreen. While changing the horizontal size works fine, making it higher lets the top buttons disappear and makes the bottom brushed metal bar higher (see screenshot: http://img.skitch.com/20080915-d9stqswx6psgwr891kq2ra7fyp.png ) hence not giving you more space to view the homepage. Making the window smaller makes the top bar bigger and doesn't let the scrollbar appear when needed (screenshot: http://img.skitch.com/20080915-k81k2fk5a6c2m8pmsq5iju6qxr.png).

I'll give it another chance, when these bugs are fixed (or after switching to Leopard) but right now I think it's unusable.

Fully usable under my Mac G3 (Beige) @266MHz with Tiger. A great application !