RAGE WebDesign

Version: 3.5.1 || Release Date: 2011-08-03 || License: Shareware ($59.95) Developer: RAGE Software | App Owner: rage_paul

When you have to build a web site, choose the web developer's tool that has been trusted by Mac users for over 7 years. RAGE WebDesign was the first to bring a built in Site Manager, code folding, and easy updating of entire web sites to Mac HTML Editors.

RAGE WebDesign offers support for HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP, Javascript, ASP, XML, VBScript and so much more. RAGE WebDesign's focus is on providing the tools you need to design, code, and upload your web site. Its got an entire collection of HTML Tools to help make sure your code is standard based, error free, and online as quickly as possible. You even get a year of FREE web hosting with your purchase to help make sure you get your web site up and running.

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"ugly" comes to mind... coda totally mops the floor with this.

Floating panels in any app is a hindrance to work productivity. When are developers going to wake up? Panic's Coda is definitely on the right track.

I'm not even going to try it, this isn't freeware.

I thought this is a new + free html editor?! Though I'm quite happy with TextWrangler I wanted to give it a spin because I am always happy to see/test new and great software... but when I saw its shareware I immediately left the webpage. If there were at least a lite-version I'd probably forgive the submitter for lying to us.

screenshot looks good (kinda like coda and cssedit), but i'm not going to dload it because of his horrible marketing campaign. good job making enemies!

instead, i recommended the following image for a screenshot: <a href="http://www.deskpicture.com/DPs/Miscellaneous/spam.jpg">http://www.deskpicture.com/DPs/Miscellaneous/spam.jpg</a>

Is davidross the one who submitted this app? Is he affiliated with Rage Software? If so, that's pretty messed up.

If he really doesn't know the difference between freeware and shareware, I suppose that's forgivable (albeit kind of sad).

Either way, it seems iusethis may need a more advanced verification process, with stuff like this and Windows apps popping up here. At least some more specific guidelines for posting apps.

Yet another "freeware" app which is actually shareware? Do you actually know what the difference between freeware and shareware is?

Or did RAGE somehow pay you to spam iusethis with this application listing?

I'm sorry but when something is listed as freeware on iusethis it should not turn out to cost $29.95.
I went to the site to check this app out solely because I thought it was a new piece of HTML editing freeware with which I was not familiar. I'd say this post is little better than spam and would encourage people to avoid RAGE WebDesign because of this.
You want REAL freeware? Check out Smultron or TextWrangler.

The term for an app that allows you download a free trial is "shareware."

Or possibly "commercial with demo." This isn't freeware

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