Ram Disk Creator

Version: 1.01 || Release Date: 2006-10-18 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Donelleschi | App Owner: groxx

Put simply, it creates RAM disks. What's that, you say? It looks to your system like another hard drive, but with a BIG advantage: it's about 1000 times faster than your hard drive. It simply keeps all the data always in RAM, so it's lightning fast. Images, movies, programs, anything can go in it.

This app makes making RAM disks extremely easy. Set a size and name, and click create! Then you just need to copy whatever you want into it (happens very quickly). Because your HDD doesn't have to spin, you can even save battery life while watching movies.

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3 Opinions

It'll speed up any program that reads and writes from a certain location often, as long as that location is on the ram disk. Handy if you're dealing with large files, because it can (effectively) read and write instantaneously, instead of being limited by your HDD speed.
Programs also tend to start faster. I've noticed game launches and map loads dropping to less than half in some cases (depends a lot on the game, and where it stores its data).

Oh, if you have a lot of RAM, this'll help make video encoding faster, as that involves a lot of HDD reads for the original file. Even faster if you have room to save the final file to the ram disk.
Videos will also play faster, so if you notice periodic skipping at about the same time as when it reads from your HDD, try putting the video into the ram disk. If the reading operation is pushing your computer past what it can handle for the video, it'll speed that up.

I'm sure it would speed up apps, seeing as it wouldnt have to access the HDD every time it needs to grab a new file etc

Any practical use for this rather than saving battery life? Is it possible to speed up certain apps etc?