Version: 1.35 || Release Date: 2010-05-12 || License: Shareware (10) Developer: Mike Crowe | App Owner: prokeasy

A Rapget inspired Download Manager for Mac OS X

RapgetMac is a simple, lightweight, download manager for Mac OS X. Throughout development the focus has been put on creating a piece of software that contains no unnecessary complexity or bloat. We are firm believers in the "less is more" design principle and we hope you find our software reflects this ideology.

Filesharing Host Support
Features support for Rapidshare.com and in the future will support many other providers

Free updates
Existing customers will never be charged for updating to the latest version of RapgetMac

Runs as a Status Item
RapgetMac runs as a status item so that it doesn't clutter your dock

Lightweight and Easy-to-use
RapgetMac has a small memory footprint, and eliminates all needless complexity

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