Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-03-11 || License: Freeware Developer: app4mac Software | App Owner: ktvyeow

RapidoSerial is an application to store both serial numbers, license files and other related
informations. Protect your investment of licenses. RapidoSerial is a way to backup them.

RapidoSerial organizes all your information in a secure location.

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While this is no longer being developed, the last version of this app (2.1.1) can still be downloaded here:


With the previous version (1.5.1) it was possible to add folders by drag & drop. Version 2.0 does not allow it. (And the application crashed when I tried to do it.) I want to add iWork '08 as one single item, because the licence key is the same for Pages, Numbers & Keynote. So, there's no need for three different entries. But this new version of RapidoSerial does not allow it. Selecting individual apps, you cannot add folders. By drag & drop, it does not work.
Please bring back the functionality of the older version!

It created a HUGE database file which contained a list of all my applications. It was over 150 mb. That reeks of a sloppy system. There is no way that having less than 200 items in a database (even with icons) should create a database that huge. Also, the pop-up advertisement is <b>very</b> annoying.

The pop-up advertisement when you try to quit the app is slightly annoying, but otherwise a great app with kind of a flashy (yet still functional) interface. The ability to attach files is a nice touch.

Sweet. Recent improvements have made this THE app I use for registration storage. You can save a lot of information about each application, and attach any number of documents to it as well (finally! A way to save those pesky registration files!), and even export the whole shebang. Sure, the export will be proprietary, but it's free! Very very nice. I think I may finally reformat my laptop now...