Version: 3.1 || Release Date: 2008-05-03 || License: Commercial with demo (€19) App Owner: ric0la

Nice little app to speed up typing. Store abbreviations and sentences and re-use them. Small footprint, free, good.

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No longer free.

I'm still using the old free version of Textpander. RapidoWrite works only in Cocoa apps, and it gets in the way with hinted expansions because it seems to prefer abbreviations begin with uppercase letters. I can not find any preference settings for such issues.

There's definitely potential here, but the app has got to work everywhere and it has to stop getting in the way.

This app is a life saver when you have a site where you need to respond to a lot of listener mail. My podcast is weekly, so I have a lot of repetetive mails to send out, and this app solves that problem. Even small things as entering my site's url in forms and stuff... just great.

Please, guys! At least spell the application name correctly!! It's RapidoWrite.