Version: 1.5 || Release Date: 2006-12-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Vortex Themes | App Owner: madbadollie

RapidRestore allows you to easily back up all of your RapidWeaver add-ons like plug-ins and templates, and the RapidWeaver preferences. This allows you to transfer from one computer to your new one.

All you do is open RapidRestore, press Back Up and save the .rrp somewhere, then burn it to a CD or transfer it to your new computer. Then launch RapidRestore on the new computer and press Restore. Your files will be restored immediately, you won't even have to re-enter any serial numbers.

RapidRestore has been proven to work on Mac OS 10.4.x with RapidWeaver 3.5. If you can get it to work on any lower or higher systems please alert us of our unknown compatibility! RapidWeaver 3.5 is required to save preferences, though the plugins and templates will restore on 3.2.1.

To save the serial numbers, they must be stored in the RapidWeaver preferences file, this is true for YourHead, and Loghound plugins and RapidWeaver itself.

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